ArtVerona 2022
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On the occasion of ArtVerona 2022, Renata Fabbri is pleased to present the researches of the represented artists Bea Bonafini (Bonn,1990), Andrea Martinucci (Rome, 1991) and Serena Vestrucci (Milan, 1986). Conceived as a triple solo show, the project collects a selection of new pictorial and sculptural works that generate a dynamic exchange of different languages and expressive means.

Drawing from the compositional and iconographic research defining the artist’s pictorial education, Bea Bonafini’s research develops transversally, ranging from heterogeneous mediums, languages and bodies. Adopting materials that are intrinsically bound to the body and to the subject’s intimate sphere, the artist translates her pictorial register into an environmental dimension, combining seductive installations with objects and chameleon sculptural configurations. Bonafini’s works are made up of fabrics, carpets and other materials which project the observer into a comfortable space: a place that embodies the sacral and familiar domestic dimensions, creating a physical and spiritual encounter with the artwork. Overlapping ancient and modern art history, fluid identities, religion and craftsmanship, the artist explores new ways to put the observer at the centre of the work both physically and psychologically, questioning the artwork’s ability to be tangible and intimate and its capacity to create new mythologies and material possibilities.

Andrea Martinucci’s artist process revolves around assemblies and intricate pictorial layers able to generate rarefied and surreal settings. Through process of laceration, fragmentation and recomposition of the image, the artist creates metaphorical non-linear narrations that include humor, the absurd, and poetry to explore issues such as amnesia, traumatic experiences and processes of sublimation. In the attempt to hypothesize “other” forms and dimensions of existence, Martinucci’s questions the ordinary nature of the surrounding reality, welcoming through the pictorial medium everything that is by chance and unknown. Rubber gloves, chairs, shoes, vegetal elements – the debris of a society that is inexorably and rapidly moving towards its collapse – are the subjects of the artist’s works. Taking inspiration from reminiscences that emerge as free associations, Martinucci invites the spectators to explore undefined and suspended worlds: new spaces in which to cultivate a greater awareness of their interior Selves.

Delving into the interstice of everyday experience and taking inspiration from unexpected encounters with common objects, Serena Vestrucci’s works question and manipulate the ordinary through the use of multiple artistic processes and linguistic paradoxes, aimed at surprising and triggering short-circuits. Drawn to objects, situations, images and material belonging to everyday life, the artist makes them the main subject and material of the artistic experience. Modified and translated into fields of actions different from their original ones, Vestrucci focuses on the latter, changing their perception and filling them with new meanings through instantaneous and illusory poetics, slightly visible and apparently simple. The resulting works, in their visual immediacy and intriguing formal directness, subvert the perception of the artwork, modifying the semantic value and, at the same time, inviting us to rethink the way we observe and interpret what surrounds us. Invested with a subtle irony towards the contemporary, Serena Vestrucci’s works dig into the obviousness of small things, giving voice to what is often hidden, forgotten or put aside. Through a naive and playful language, which is at the same time blunt and provocative, Vestrucci raises the misconception as the necessity for more careful and deep understanding of reality.

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