Artissima 2022
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On the occasion of Artissima 2022, Renata Fabbri is pleased to present a dialogue between  Matthieu Haberard (Tolose, 1991), Sophie Ko (Tblisi, 1981) and Lulù Nuti (Rome, 1988). Curated as a “triple personal exhibition”, the project includes a selection of unreleased works that compare sculptural language and pictorial medium, exploring their affinities and formal potentialities.

Ranging between heterogeneous expressive languages, the artistic practice of Matthieu Haberard explores the threshold that separates childhood and adulthood. It’s in that limb, ambiguous and full of possibilities, that the artist’s poetics takes shape, in balance between the infant’s gullible imaginary and the ironic representation of reality. Through his sarcastic glaze, Haberard creates sculptures inspired by the universe of toys and handcrafted, made of recycled materials like wood and cardboard. The sculptures feed on the Medieval imaginary, evoking symbols and iconographies like masks, swords and carefully decorated armour. The artist places art and play on the same level and warns the spectator about violence and war, whether they are physical, political, economical or cultural.

In Sophie Ko’s works, time plays a big role, and it creates a strong symbolic relation between the materials used and the images created. The shift and instability of the materials, related to the passing of time are two key elements in the artist’s artistic research. She uses powder of pure pigment and ashes generated from the burning of famous historical works of art and she creates powerful compositions that are at the same time monumental and fragile. The gravitational force acts on the matter and creates cracks and landslides in the work of art: tangible traces of the invisible passing of time.

Starting from a profound relation with matter, Lulù Nuti creates sculptures and installations that question the concepts of balance, precariousness and change. Her research examines the feelings of responsibility and impotence that our time provokes on human beings and on the relation with nature. The artist’s works are made of ductile and building materials – concrete, chalk, iron, bronze, copper- and are characterized by the unpredictability of the matter, that can generate irregular forms. Nuti’s art evokes ancestral narrations and is presented to the viewer as reconsiderations of the terrestrial globe, inviting him to reflect on new worlds and new ways of being in this world.

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