Since the early stages of its development Giovanni Kronenberg’s work has been characterized by a tight relationship/reciprocity between sculpture – defined by a radically physical and formal approach – and drawing, which either anticipates or follows his sculpture’s tactile and ergonomic features. Throughout the years his works on paper have been subject to an evolution, first departing from pure black graphite these works have gradually transformed and opened up to color. This passage highlighted the peculiarities of these drawings: they are sinuous forms, suspended, free from any spatial connotation, whose surfaces are significantly enlivened by color. They are mysterious figures that suggest a light materiality inscribed to an abstract space.

Like Kronenberg’s sculptures, these images raise the curiosity of the viewer without revealing anything about their own identity. Some of them remind of natural structures in progressive ramification – such as crystals, precious stones or sea sponges, all objects that he has often used in his sculptures – which either extend in space or mass on themselves as cancers. The artist has recently started implementing a 22 carats leave, using it both as background and as a key element of the composition. By relying on different precious materials – like gold, silver and malachite – Kronenberg imagines his artworks as byzantine icons from the 15th and 16th century, sharing with them a timeless nature.

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