Matthieu Haberard has been selected as one of the three winners of Mezzanine Sud 2023 Prize by Amis des Abattoirs.

Each new edition of the Mezzanine Sud prize highlights the diversity of artistic languages and the multiple energies of the young generation of artists.

Selected by a jury, the winners have received exhibition space, a production budget and honoraria.

Nurtured by the world of merchandise, and in particular children’s toys, Matthieu Haberard’s sculptural practice cultivates the art of the counterpoint. Rejecting any recourse to advanced technological tools, he celebrates the handmade and, like an amateur craftsman, makes composite, low-tech and often ridiculous objects. He adopts a playful and critical retreat from his time, drawing his thematic sources from the mystical and fantasised Middle Ages, as well as from a theorisation of Fantasy.

You can discover the exhibition “Mezzanine Sud” at Les Abattoirs in Toulouse until April 28, 2024.

More information at Les Abattoirs

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