Lulù Nuti’s In my end is my beginning was born from the encounter between the artist and scientists from the Virgo experiment and EGO, the European Gravitational Observatory in Cascina (Pl), who hosted the artist and guided her to explore the complexity of one of the most fascinating frontier scientific researches of contemporary times. The physics of gravitational waves, the cutting-edge technologies, and the philosophical implications of the research were the subject of discussion between the artist and researchers who share a profound relationship with the absolute and a predisposition to investigate the limits of matter.

In my end is my beginning condenses within itself the definition of a palindrome, in which the beginning and the end interpenetrate and coincide: a “linguistic” gravitational wave that in finally passing through us conveys information about its origin. The work recalls ancient symbols (urobore/toroid/flower of life) that preceded scientific investigations but which, in their being analogical and non-analytical, almost seem to anticipate some of the most acclaimed contemporary theories: the self-generation and self-sufficiency of a universe that fecundates itself to infinitely repeat a cycle of expansion and contraction; the symmetry of a gravitational field at rest and the vertigo that the imagination feels when depicting the curvature of space-time.

The sculpture connects and engulfs the surrounding space through its skin, which is both resistant and absorbent at the same time, thanks to the reflective qualities of the satin-finished iron. Resting on itself, the work stands a few centimetres off the ground, evoking a universe that could be nothing more than a simulation and yet exists, not only as an object to be investigated, but as a place to be inhabited.

The project was carried out in collaboration with EGO, European Gravitational Observatory, and CAOS, Centre for Applications on Gravitational Waves and Seismology of the Department of Physics and Geology the University of Perugia, and with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.

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