On September 24 2022 at Marino Marini Museo has opened the exhibition ANDATURE – Elisabetta di Maggio / Sophie Ko.

ANDATURE is a project created in 2020, curated by Marcella Cangioli and Antonella Nicola, in collaboration with the Hidden City Association and realized with the contribution of the Fondazione CR Firenze.

The concept of time and its indelible flow are at the center, among comparisons and similarities, of the poetics of Elisabetta di Maggio and Sophie Ko, two of the most interesting artists on the Italian art scene.

Elisabetta di Maggio makes precious carvings, mosaics and very light compositions, using materials as diverse as stamps, paper, ceramics, soap and vegetable elements.

Sophie Ko’s material paintings, on the other hand, are made using pure pigment. The color falls and at the same time resists transforming into an image that seems to be in continuous becoming. The concepts of resilience and transformation contribute to the appeal of these works.

ANDATURE II exhibition at Museo Marino Marini, Florence. Curated by Marcella Cangioli, Antonella Nicola. Texts by Marcella Cangioli, Antonella Nicola and Francesco Guzzetti. With the support of De Foscherari Gallery, Bologna; Renata Fabbri; Building Gallery and Christian Stein, Milan.

The exhibition runs until October 24.
For more information visit: museomarinomarini.it

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