Bea Bonafini wins ALA Art Prize with her project “Acque Amare”.

According to the Scientific Board of the ALA Art Prize:

«The Mediterranean Theatre inside Mostra d’Oltremare seems to be the ideal architectural context for the work of Bea Bonafini, adding a new chapter to the amazing iconography featured in the ALA headquarters. Indeed, the imagery evoked by the artist adapts marine themes to the aesthetic and philosophical ideals of the 21st century, suggesting, for example, the idea of fluidity as the central pivot of our society.
In this work, Bonafini operates a twofold modernization: one linked to the ancient tapestry technique, the other combined with a long-term iconographic reflection, which, from the legacy of a mythological past, results in the current post-human present.
A Modern Penelope, Bea weaves stories of women and sea, mythologies of wars and loves, narrated and handed down orally for ages, which in her work become silk, bamboo and wool threads, to remind us that the Mediterranean has always been a place of exchange of techniques and knowledge.»

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