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Serena Vestrucci


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Renata Fabbri arte contemporanea is glad to announce Fioritura, Serena Vestrucci’s (Milan, 1986) first solo show at the gallery. The exhibition, which inaugurates the recent collaboration between the artist and the gallery, links two new works – a family of sculptures and a series of drawings – conceived in dialogue with the exhibition spaces that welcome them.

Testa di cavolo [Cabbage Heads]
Bronze, four months, variable dimensions

Teste di cavolo [Cabbage Heads] are bronze sculptures which have been cast in scale 1:1 from a family of cabbages (red cabbage, white cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, savoy cabbage, Brussels sprouts) and on whose surfaces human features can be seen. The characters present an imaginary catalog of small anti–monumental portraits aimed at restoring dignity and value to a common cabbage. The obviousness of everyday life meets the complexity of human existence in an allusive and typically playful disorientation. 

Eye–blinks on paper, tempera, variable time and dimensions

A set of small spots reveals an image made possible thanks to their proximity and juxtaposition. Batter d’occhio [Eye–blink] is a choral drawing: a multitude of traces of human blinks, replicated and fixed by the artist on large sheets of paper hung on the walls. Here, Vestrucci conceives eyelashes as brushes that everyone has constantly at their disposal and which, in their incessant movement, leave uncontrolled marks that scratch the air. Their beat, instantaneous and elusive, refers to the rapid and transitory time that elapses between one glance and another, just like our presence: momentary and fleeting. A call to collectivity. 

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