Miart 2021

miart 2021

17th – 19th September 2021
VIP preview: 16th September 2021
Established Contemporary
Hall 4 | Booth C26

Margherita Moscardini
Inhabiting without Belonging

For the section Established Contemporary of the miart 2021 edition, Renata Fabbri is delighted to present Inhabiting without Belonging, a project by Margherita Moscardini exhibited on the occasion of her first solo show at the gallery (2020).

Set up in Renata Fabbri’s stand is a selection of sculptures and drawings realized imagining an unpossessable Land like the High Seas: marine areas, located at more than 200 miles off the coast, which cannot belong to the sovereignty of any state. Free to all, they are defined as a common good of humanity, which through international agreements, can be crossed and used for peaceful research and resource exploitation needs.

Moscardini identifies these areas as voids full of potential, extracts their shapes from the planisphere and gives them depth and specific weight through a series of glass sculptures. Reversing the traditional planet cartography, the artist transforms the waters of the High Seas from conventions into real emerged lands, islands and archipelagos. Lands that cannot be subjected to any laws and through which Moscardini invites us to imagine a new political paradigm: beyond the divine of the planet into nation-states and towards an idea of universal citizenship. The latter would protect the citizen, no longer according to the principle of territorial belonging or birth right, but to the right of migration: of living the planet as foreigners and residents. Without owning it.

“Inhabiting without Belonging” is the change of perspective that is behind the name of the exhibition and that the artist translates into an edition of bronze bas-relief sculptures. These correspond to the enlargement of a Syrian girl’s hand-writing, who embodies the personal and political condition of exile. Belonging to no state, just like the waters of the High Seas, she reminds us of the unpossessable nature of the planet on which we are temporary guests and of the need to rethink another way of living the Earth, which is able to respond to the demands of our times.



Margherita Moscardini (Donoratico, 1981) investigates the relations among transformation processes of urban, social and natural order, belonging to specific geographies. Her practice favours long-term projects, which produce large scale interventions, drawings, scripts, sculptures and documentary videos. Among her works: Istanbul City Hills_On the Natural History of Dispersion and States of Aggregation (2013), dealing with the recent urban transformation of Istanbul; 1XUnknown (1942-2018, to Fortress Europe with Love), which presents parts of the 15,000 bunkers of the Atlantic Wall defensive line, built by the Third Reich along the European Atlantic coast to defend Fortress Europe. Since 2016 she has been researching refugee camps as cities where a new idea of citizenship can be experimented. Her work The Fountains of Za’atari developed from the Za’atari refugee camp, conceived in 2012 in Jordan on the Syrian border.


The High Seas of The Planet Earth
Atlantic Ocean Northern Hemisphere and Mediterranean Sea (2020)
50×70 cm

The High Seas of The Planet Earth
Pacific Ocean, Northern Hemisphere (2020)
40×60 cm

The High Seas of The Planet Earth
Pacific Ocean (2020)
70×118 cm

Inhabiting without Belonging (2021)
Bronze, mdf
47×72,5 cm