Ludovica Anversa, Federico Cantale, Ambra Castagnetti, Francesco Maluta, Andrea Martinucci, Jimmy Milani, Giacomo Montanelli, Ludovico Orombelli, Francesco Pacelli, Ottavia Plazza, Adelisa Selimbašić

With a critical text by Chiara Alice Guidi

Opening: 19/20/21 April 2021, from 11 to 8 pm
Reservation is required: info@renatafabbri.it
The exhibition will continue until 22 May 2021

Renata Fabbri is pleased to announce the collective exhibition Entr~Acte, conceived as a special project added to the gallery’s official program, which selects and gathers a series of pictorial and sculptural approaches of young figures in the Italian contemporary art scene. The title, which in English literally means “interval”, is a tribute to the short-film Entr’acte (1924) by the French director René Clair. It is among one of the most significant avant-garde cinema works of the 1920s and the manifesto par excellence of the Dadaism cinema.

Originally created to be projected as an interval between the two parts of the Swedish ballet Relâche by Francis Picabia – with music by Erik Satie and put on stage for the Théâtre des Champs Élysées of Paris by Jean Börlin’s Ballets Suédois dance company – Entr’acte is an absurd and extravagant ballet of grotesque characters and situations. The ever-changing images, together with the playful and experimental editing, aim at stimulating and encouraging the free association of ideas and aesthetic sensations. When faced with eight scenes with no logic continuity, the spectators find themselves projected into an open-eyed dream, into a real conceptual non-sense where the irrationality of the situations and the behavior of the characters themselves – who are overcome by a kind of acred and dissociating humor – re-enact the spirit of the Dada evenings, featuring improvisation and chance.

Starting from this cinematographic avant-garde example, the collective show Entr~Acte brings together and creates a dialogue between eleven artistic practices, which not being connected by any particular narrative or formal intentions, stimulate an expressive vitality that allows each of them to associate, dissociate, get together, come apart and come back together again freely. The opportunity for dialogue which arises within such an extensive and multifaceted scenario, enriched by experiences and subjective views, highlights how variable the perception of one same concept or moment could be. Just like the irrational sequences of the short-film Entr’acte, the individuals become spokespeople of their own identity and their own inventory of thoughts, able to revolutionize the logic of everyday life, questioning the perception of reality and providing new perspectives.

Set up in the exhibition spaces of the Renata Fabbri gallery, it is therefore a choreography, unconscious and distorted, in which each work conveys the spectators into an ever differing dimension and inviting them to feed of new images and stories. The gathering of the works – which have mainly been conceived specially for this exhibition and in dialogue with the spaces – confirms the gallery’s desire to support the many languages of contemporary art, opening up to the interchange with young artists and presenting itself as a place for experimentation and observation of the contemporary needs.