Nata a Čakovec, Croazia, nel 1974. Vive e lavora a Londra


Budućnost (progetto), commissione per un progetto pubblico, Zagabria, Croazia
Supporting Objects. Eastwards Prospectus. Bucharest, Romania
Cloud Pergola: Pavilion of Croatia at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition (collaborative project), Venezia, Italia
Extensions. MSU – Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagabria
What Can Be Seen (solo, collaboration with Tim Etchells). Commissione del Museo Sheffield. Millennium Galleries. Sheffield, Inghilterra
Means and Ends, Wilfried Lentz Gallery. Rotterdam, Paesi Bassi
In Suspension, CAPRI Raum. Dusseldorf, Germania
Don’t , AAA (Art Altstetten Albisrieden). Art in the Public Space. Zurigo, Svizzera
Immeasurables, Zak | Branicka Gallery. Berlino, Germania
Up in Arms, Kaaitheater. Brussels, Belgio
According to Plan, Galerija SC. Zagabria, Croazia
On the Up Down, . abc fair. Berlino, Germania
According to Plan, MMC LInghilterraa. Pula, Croazia
Disclosed Location (project). Commissioned by Volt. Bergen, Norvegia
Excavations And Other Claims (solo). Disjecta Contemporary Art Center. Portland, OR, USA
Fault Lands (solo). annex14. Zurigo, Svizzera
Door to Door (project). 6018NORTH. Part of IN>TIME 13 festival. Chicago, IL, USA
Also Called: Backbone, Anchor, Lifeline (solo). Boston University Art Gallery. Boston, MA, USA
Expanded Performance (project). Stroom Den Haag. The Hague, Paesi Bassi
GOOD LIFE – The 53rd October Salon (project). Belgrade, Serbia
Unleveling , Rachel Uffner Gallery. New York, NY, USA
Beside Itself, Zak|Branicka Gallery. Berlino, Germania
Present Future, artissima 18. Torino, Italia
By Bending Back, annex14. Berna, Svizzera
As Opposed to the Front, Back, Top and Bottom, Bergen Kunsthall NO5. Bergen, Norvegia
For Example, The 11th Istanbul Biennial: What Keeps Mankind Alive? Istanbul, Turchia
Or Some Other Time, The Kitchen. New York, NY, USA.
Threats and Promises (collaboration with Tim Etchells). Commissione della fondazione Henry Moore for Yes No & Other Options – Art Sheffiled 08. Millenium Galleries. Sheffield, INGHILTERRA
Vlatka Horvat, Battersea Arts Centre. Londra, INGHILTERRA.
To Bring Down a House (collaboration with Tim Etchells). HomeWorks IV. Sfeir-Semler Gallery. Beirut, Libano
Vlatka Horvat: Loops, Little Jewel Cinema. Waygood Gallery. Newcastle Upon Tyne, Inghilterra
Wrong Way, Galerija Nova. Zagabria, Croazia
Vlatka Horvat: Videos, STINGHILTERRA Kunstencentrum. Leuven, Belgio
Insults & Praises (collaboration with Tim Etchells). Kulturhuset Stoccolma, Svezia


Third Hand, The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts / Chicago Cultural Center. Chicago, IL, USA.
We have discovered the performance by making it – a goat island archive exhibition
Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL, USA
Who Come to Stand. 3. Maj shipyard, Rijeka, The 2nd Industrial Art Biennial, Labin|Rasa|Pula|Rijeka, Croazia
This Here and That There – Herrenhäuser Quartet., KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen festival. Hannover, Germania
Beginnings Marathon. The Bowtie Project @ Clockshop. Los Angeles, CA, USA
Minor Planets. A commission by HAU – Hebbel am Ufer & HKW – Haus der Kulturen der Welt for Utopian Realities. HAU2. Berlino, Germania
15th Extraordinary Congress: Oslo. Black Box Teatre. Oslo, Norvegia
15th Extraordinary Congress: Vienna. Tanzquartier Wien. Vienna, Austria
15th Extraordinary Congress: Amsterdam. Frascati. Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi
15th Extraordinary Congress: Toulouse. Theatre Garonne. Tolosa, Francia
15th Extraordinary Congress: Paris. Fondation Cartier & Theatre de la Ville. Parigi, Francia
Groundwork. Part of TAKE UP YOUR SPACE series. KAI 10. Dusseldorf, Germania
15th Extraordinary Congress: Malmo. INKONST. Malmo, Svezia
Beginnings Marathon. Galerija Prozori. Zagabria, Croazia
Spillover. Spring Festival @ PACT Zollverein. Essen, Germania
15th Extraordinary Congress: Bergen. METEOR Festival. BIT Theatergarasjen. Bergen, Norvegia
15th Extraordinary Congress: Lisbon. Teatro Maria Matos @ Espaço Alkantara. Lisbona, Portogallo
Beginnings Marathon. HAU – Hebbel am Uffer. Berlino, Germania
This Here and That There (Poznan). Old Slaughterhouse. Malta Festival. Poznan, Polonia
15th Extraordinary Congress: Poznan. Malta Festival. Poznan, Polania
Beginnings Marathon. Kunsthalle Osnabrück. Osnabrück, Germania
15th Extraordinary Congress: Berlin. HAU – Hebbel am Uffer. Berlino, Germania
15th Extraordinary Congress: Brussels. Kaai Studios. Brussels, Belgio
Table Animals (collaboration with Tim Etchells). Part of Real Magic @Teatro Maria Matos. Lisbona, Portogallo
Mementos. abc fair. Berlino, Germania
15th Extraordinary Congress. Co-commissioned by LIFT & 1418 Projects, Inghilterra
In the Balance. ImPACT @ PACT Zollverein. Essen, Germania
Unhinged. Alkantara festival Lisbon, Tanz im August Berlin, Biennale Bern, Internationale Keuze Rotterdam, Paesi Bassi
This Here and That There (Los Angeles). Outpost for Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Over the Table (collaboration with Tim Etchells). Aichi Triennale. Nagoya, Giappone
Once Over. Tanzquartier Wien & The Jerusalem Show
Unhinged. Commission for House Without a Maid. Premiered at Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussel, Belgio
Once Over. Commission for The Kitchen, New York, USA
This Here and That There (Essen). Jetlag 02 festival @PACT Zollverein. Essen, Germania
Interferences (collaboration with Tim Etchells). Contemporary Art Society @Bloomberg Space. Londra, Inghilterra
This Here and That There (Berlin). Commissionato per nomadic new york festival @HKW – The Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Berlino, Germania
Here To Stay. The Peekskill Project. Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art. Peekskill, NY, USA
Money For Nice (collaborazione con Tim Etchells). Commissione di home for Art+Money program @Victoria and Albert Museum. Londra, Inghilterra
Ten People Smiling (collaborazione con Tim Etchells). Performa 05 Biennial of Performance @Artists Space. New York, NY, USA


I’ll open the door straight dead straight into the fire, State of the Concept, Atene, Grecia
MiArt – booth of Eastwards Prospectus, Bucharest, Romania
Loose Ends – a cura di Branka Bencic, Renata Fabbri arte contemporanea, Milano
Recent Acquisitions: No Contextual Information. Museums Sheffield, Graves Gallery. Sheffield, Inghilterra
Supporting Objects, Eastwards Prospectus Gallery, Bucharest
Strong Lenguage ,Site Gallery, Sheffield
On the Shoulders of Fallen Giants – The 2nd Industrial Art Biennial. MMSU – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Rijeka, Croazia
Smart Nature. Hase29 Space for Contemporary Art. Osnabrueck, Germania
Cut: Collage in Central and Eastern European Practices. MSU – Museum of Contemporary Art. Zagreb, Croazia
Borderline Relation. Eastwards Prospectus. Bucharest, Romania
I Am the Mouth: Works from the Art Collection Telekom. MSU–Museum of Contemporary Art. Zagreb, Croazia
Natural Artifice: Architecture, Photography and the Construction of Reality. The Glass Tank Gallery. Oxford, Inghilterra
Everything we see could also be otherwise (My sweet little lamb…). The Showroom. Londra, Inghilterra
Temporary Encounters. Galerija Galzenica. Velika Gorica, Croazia
Identify your limitations, acknowledge the periphery ROUND 2. VITRINE. Basilea, Svizzera
Your Country Does Not Exist. Mali salon/MMSU – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Rijeka, Croazia
Drawing Biennial. The Drawing Room. Londra, Inghilterra
Cut, Folded, Pressed & Other Actions. David Zwirner Gallery. New York, NY
Your Country Does Not Exist. MKC – Multimedia Centre. Split, Croazia
We Are the Center…Phase I. Hessel Museum of Art / Bard CCS. Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA
Process, Performance, Presence. Kunstverein Braunschweig. Braunschweig, Germania
Crises as Ideology. Kunstraum Niederoestereich. Vienna, Austria
Picture of Sound. Part of Design District festival. Old military hospital. Zagabria, Croazia
Green Disturbs: Focus on a Colour. MARTa Herford Museum. Herford, Germania
Your Country Does Not Exist. Galerija Nova. Zagabria, Croazia
Art fairs: Vienna Contemporary
Parkour. Galerija Forum. Zagabria, Croazia
Was it a Car or a Cat I Saw. A Project by Nika Špan. Škuc Gallery. Ljubljana, Slovenia
It’s Elemental. 6018North, an affiliate partner of the Chicago Architecture Biennial. Chicago, USA
Beyond the Obvious: Material, Sample, Remix. Erika Beak Gallery. Budapest, Ungheria
Minimal Forms of Reality. Galeria Bunkier SztInghilterrai. Crakovia, Polonia
The Admirable Number PI. Zak | Branicka Gallery. Berlino, Germania
In an Absolut World True Taste Comes Naturally. Camberwell Space, Londra, Inghlterra
Drawing Biennial 2015. Drawing Room. Londra, Inghiterra
What Kind of a Celebration? Kunsthalle Osnabrück. Osnabrück, Germania
Notes on Undoing. Garis & Hahn Gallery. New York, NY, USA
De-Generation of Painting. Fondazione 107. Torino, Italia
Informal Forms. Aran Cravey Gallery. Los Angeles, CA, USA
Every Day I Pass the Place Where Our Language Ends. Kulturzentrum bei den Minorite, in cooperation with the steirischen herbst Festival. Graz, Austria
To Europe: I Want to Speak about the War. Klovićevi dvori. Zagabria, Croazia
The Part in the Story Where a Part Becomes a Part of Something Else. Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. Rotterdam, Paesi Bassi
Temporary Encounters. Apoteka Space for Contemporary Art. Vodnjan, Croazia
Crossings. MGLC – International Center for Graphic Arts. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Attention Economy. Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria
To Europe: With Heroes and Witnesses. Collection October Salon. Moderna Galerija. Subotica, Serbia
Art fairs: abc, Berlino
Disturbing the Peace. Marta Herford Museum. Herford, Germania
Paperboats. Trapez Gallery. Budapest, Ungheria
Collage show. Galerie Anne de Villepoix. Parigi, Francia
Sweet Bitter Symphony. Kunstlerhaus Bremen. Bremen, Germania
Zero Point of Meaning. Camera Austria. Graz, Austria.
The Time Deferred. Sies + Höke Gallery. Düsseldorf, Germania
Two Lines of Life, or: Why a Rabbit Likes Weeds. La Criée centre d’art contemporain. Rennes, Francia
Extreme Depth of Feeling: Performance Documents for the Camera. Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL, USA.
Clueless: Geometry of Misunderstanding. Galerija Prsten / HDLU Zagabria, Croazia
Art fairs: Brussels Art Fair / Cologne Art Fair / Vienna Art Fair / artissima 19 Torino
Moments Suspended in Time. annex14. Berna, Svizzera
Family Matters: The Family in British Art. Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, Inghilterra
Me, you, us and the others. Fotografia Europea: Common Life. Reggio Emilia
I’d Like to Walk on the Moon. Galleria Enrico Astuni. Bologna
The Social Contract. artefact festival. STINGHILTERRA. Leuven, Belgio
I’m Over Here Now. Richmond Center for Visual Art at Western Michigan University. Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Art fairs: Brussels Art Fair / artissima 18 Torino / Paris Photo / VIP art fair / Bologna Arte Fiera
Family Matters: The Family in British Art. Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery / Museums Sheffield, Inghiterra
Out of Left Field. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMSU) Rijeka, Croazia
No Network. 1st Time Machine Biennale of Contemporary Art. D-O ARK Underground, Atomic shelter Konjic, Bosnia Erzegovina
Too late, too little, (and how) to fail gracefully. Fort Asperen, Paesi Bassi
Passion of an Ornithologist: Myth Making. Gallery for Contemporary Art SOKOL. Nowy Sacz, Polonia
Meaning Degree Zero. Art Pavilion. Zagabria, Croazia
In the future everyone will be anonymous for 15 minutes. Georg Kargl Fine Arts. Vienna, Austria
Invocations of the Blank Page. Spike Island. Bristol. / NICC Anversa, Belgio
Powders, a Phial, and a Paper Book. Marlborough Chelsea. New York, NY, USA
If on a winter’s day a traveler. Palazzo Podesta. Bologna
Who is Your Audience? Galleria Enrico Astuni. Bologna
Displaced Divisions. Galerija SKUC. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Art fairs: Vienna Art Fair / ROMA Contemporary Art 2011 / Brussels Art Fair / MiArt fair / Bologna Arte Fiera
Take Space For Example. annex14. Berna, Svizzera
Metamorphoses: Error. Braverman Gallery. Tel Aviv, Israele
Remodeling Systems. Hessel Museum @Bard Center for Curatorial Studies. Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA
FAQ Serbia. Austrian Cultural Forum. New York, NY, USA
MOVE: Choreographing You. Hayward Gallery. London, Inghilterra
Run and Tell That: New Work from New York. Syracuse University Art Galleries. Syracuse, NY, USA
Scores No. 2: What Escapes. Tanzquartier Wien. Vienna, Austria
Greater New York. MoMA PS1. Long Island City, NY, USA
Natural Renditions. Marlborough Gallery. New York, NY, USA
In the Backyard of Kings. Former military camp Kodra, Kalamaria. Thessaloniki, Grecia
AbbaraKadabra. Mardin Biennial. Mardin, Turchia
Clue(less): Geometry of Misunderstanding. Manifattura Tabacchi. Torino
T-HT Award exhibition. Museum of Contemporary Art. Zagabria, Croazia
Kiosk. Golden Parachutes Gallery. Berlino, Germania
Art Fairs: artissima 17 Torino
Assises. Galerie Xippas. Parigi, Francia.
Dear Countrymen and Women. Gallery MC. New York, NY, USA
Red Thread. A Prologue to the 11th Istanbul Biennial. Project Space Tanas. Berlino, Germania
Vlatka Horvat & Ana Prvacki. Artopia Gallery. Milano, Italia
We would like to thank (again) the curators who wish to remain anonymous, Galerie Anne Barrault. Parigi, Francia
In a Room Anything Can Happen. Hessel Museum @Bard CCS. Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA
If You Don’t Know What the South Is, It’s Simply Because You Are From the North. Galerija Nova. Zagabria, Croazia
Artists and the Natural World. McKee Gallery. New York, NY, USA
Insults & Praises (collaborazione con Tim Etchells). Fusebox festival. Austin, TX, USA
This Is The Future Before It Happens. The Glendale College Art Gallery. Glendale, CA, USA
Without Walls. Museum 52. New York, NY, USA
Vlatka Horvat, Marlo Pascual & Lise Soskolne. White Columns. New York, NY, USA.
Vlatka Horvat & Eva Weinmayr. The Front Room @The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, MI, USA.
For a Brief Time Only at a Location Near You. Various locations in the State of New York, NY, USA.
Speaking Out Loud. Netherlands Media Art Institute. Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi
8 1/2 x 11 / A4. James Fuentes Gallery. New York, NY, USA
God is in the Details. New Orleans Biennial extension. New Orleans, LA, USA
In a Different Film: Contemporary Art from the Filip Trade Collection. 10th Motovun Film Festival. Motovun, Croazia
It’s Easy To Find. An exhibition in a PO Box. Elizaville Post Office. Elizaville, NY, USA
Duets/Duels. MMC Split. Split, Croazia
Jennifer Cohen & Vlatka Horvat. Rachel Uffner Gallery. New York, NY, USA
My Little/Membrane. NURTUREart Gallery. Brooklyn, NY, USA
Exquisite Corpus: Interacting with the Fragmented Body. Johnson Museum @Cornell University. Ithaca, NY, USA
Natural Obsessions. Neuhoff Gallery. New York, NY, USA
Energies and Shadows. HERE @South Street Seaport. New York, NY, USA
Cutaway. Anna Kustera Gallery. New York, NY, USA
Skipping the Page. The Center for Book Arts. New York, NY, USA
American Dream Sequence. Jerry Riggs. Miami, FL, USA
Black and White. IBID Projects. Londra, Inghilterra
Monitor. Part of Exhibitionism: An Exhibition of Exhibitions of Works from the Marieluise Hessel Collection. Hessel Museum @Bard CCS. Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA
Ground Lost. Galerija Nova. Zagabria, Croazia
e-flux Video Rental. Carpenter Center. Boston / Centre culturel suisse de Paris. Paris / Lyon Biennale. Lione, Francia
Ground Lost. Forum Stadtpark. Graz, Austria
Interplay: Four Emerging New York Artists. Exit Art. New York, NY, USA
Protections. Kunsthaus Graz. Graz, Austria
Here and Now Real, Not Yet Concrete. Moderna Galerija/Museum of Modern Art. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Thin Walls. Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery. Brooklyn, NY, USA
Vlatka Horvat and Magda Tothova. 127 Henry. New York, NY, USA
Monument to Nikola Tesla. Galerija Nova. Zagabria, Croazia
Wild Girls. Exit Art. New York, NY, USA
e-flux Video Rental. PiST. Istanbul, Turkey. / Arthouse at the Jones Center. Austin, TX. / I Bienal de Canarias. Isole Canarie
Mucsarnok Kunsthalle, Budapest. / Extra City. Brussels, Belgio.
The Beat. Haswellediger & Co. Gallery. New York, NY, USA
Slow Revolution. Rotunda Gallery. Brooklyn, NY, USA
Insert. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Rijeka, Croazia
Situated Self: Confused, Compassionate and Conflictual. Museum of Contemporary Art. Belgrade, Serbia / Helsinki City Museum. Helsinki, Finlandia
AIM 25. The Bronx Museum of the Arts. The Bronx, NY, USA
Across the Seven Seas and Seven Hills. Hrvatski Foto Savez. Zagabria, Croazia
Codependent. The Living Room. Miami Beach, FL, USA


Residency at the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, Chicago, IL, USA
Renata Fabbri Arte Contemporanea stand, Artverona, Verona
2016 – 2017
Grants for the Arts. Arts Council England
Live Art Development Agency DIY platform grant. Londra, Inghilterra
SoART Artist residency. Millstättersee, Austria
PACT Zollverein residency. Essen, Germania
Hyde Park Art Center residency. Chicago, IL, USA
Rema Hort Mann Foundation visual art award. New York, NY, USA
2008 – 2009
Outpost for Contemporary Art residency. Los Angeles, CA, USA
2007 – 2008
Research bursary. Performance and Visual Culture. Roehampton University. Londra, Inghilterra
2004 – 2006
Research bursary. School of Art & Design. The Nottingham Trent University. Nottingham, Inghilterra
AIM 25 Program grant. The Bronx Museum for the Arts. The Bronx, NY, USA
IASPIS residency. Stoccolma, Svezia
STINGHILTERRA Kunstencentrum residency. Leuven, Belgio


EVN Collection, Vienna, Austria
Hessel Museum of Art, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA
MUDAM Luxembourg Museum, Lussemburgo
The Koc Foundation / Koc Contemporary, Istanbul, Turchia
Gallery Bunkier SztInghilterrai, Krakow, Polonia
October Salon Collection / Kulturni Centar Beograd, Serbia
Fondazione Arte e Scienza VideoInsight, Turin, Italia
ARS AVEI Collection / Museum of Contemporary Art, Sarajevo, Bosnia Erzegovina